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Engaging Community

VUA strives actively to engage with our community by hosting quarterly Fireside Chats and educational conversations on our Discord Server.


VUA has partnered with VATSIM to provide our members the opportunity to obtain VATSIM Pilot Training.

Global Flight Schedule

VUA updates our 15,000 flight schedules monthly, where pilots can virtually travel worldwide to unique destinations.

Charter Operations

VUA members can travel outside the United Airlines and Alliance routes using our Charter and Tour System. Along with having the option to use our automatic flight assignment.


VUA quarterly hosts special online events where we partner with VATSIM and our special sponsors. Members can participate and engage with others while flying to their favorite seasonal destinations.

Interactive ACARS

VUA members use the smartCARS for flight tracking, which is effective and easy to use!


Alex Waid

VUA Member

I've really enjoyed the screenshot competitions and the community engagement. The staff constantly try to engage with the community and make VirtualUA a better place. Overall VirtualUA is an amazing airline!

Charan Meduri

VUA Member

Been loving the virtual airlines so far with all the features. It's very interesting and the simulation experience is so much better with VirtualUA.

Jonathan Lynch

VUA Member

Our community is growing stronger than ever in both real and virtual aviation and though separate they are both linked and that growth ensures that each aspect becomes stronger collectively and as a result fosters more interest which ensures continued future interest and participation.

Adam Gomez

VUA Member

I can't thank VirtualUA enough for all that they do for the flight sim community.